Tips to Get Free Instagram followers in 2021


One of the most frustrating things for any user is to get Instagram followers and likes in posts. You must be getting pissed off to see how other users similar profile posting similar content get a good number of followers and likes. Well, this is how digital marketing platform works. You need to be creative in terms of all sense to get followers. Suppose you are running an online business and need to gain followers. In that case, the best is to hire a reputed digital marketing agency in Chennai that comes with unique methods and ideas for your Instagram business profile.

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These techniques are not only useful for a business profile but personal profile too.

In 2021, there will be a massive change in the Instagram algorithm and approach towards marketing. If you are looking forward to increasing Instagram followers, then here are the top 8 methods:

Top 8 methods to increase Instagram followers:

Optimizing your Instagram Profile:

One of the effective ways to raise your Instagram profile is by optimizing it. There are two fields in the Instagram profile show up in the Instagram search- Username and Name. Adding 1-2 relevant keywords within your username and name will improve the chance of coming into the search result. There are different factors, including people you follow, connected and photos or videos you like on Instagram. For instance, if you into sunglass product selling you can ‘sunglass’ word in your profile to come in the search result.

Writing Keyword Rich Captions

Another best way to gain followers and likes is by writing a keyword-rich caption. Whether you are writing the product’s description or one-liner, add one keyword that can earn good likes. Posts that consist of right keywords have a good chance of coming into the research result. Instagram is using keywords you use in captions for determining the topic. A digital marketing company in Chennai that works on social platform management does in-depth research to know what keyword would work to gain maximum exposure.

Embedding your Instagram post with Blog

According to Instagram, several factors include when it comes to types of content and captions posted. One way is by embedding Instagram posts that are clickable should carry links to your blog, so more and more people will draw to your blog. You can even do the same on your blog by placing the link of your Instagram post in the middle of the blog.

Posting User Generated Content

They are also known as UGC is the type of content created by other users. Another effective way to gain followers is to add UGC because 7 out of 10 consumers trust brands created by other users. This certainly gives your brand free advertising as the original creator shouts out for your brand to his/her audience.

Posting at the Right Time

When you are posting content on your Instagram profile, you need to check the posting timing when there is a good chance of getting likes and followers. Posting at the day and night time will indeed give more engagement. According to one study, posting on Instagram between 2 pm and 3 pm will generate good leads. However, it also depends on the country or region you belong and target.

The best is to schedule your posting in advance with content you will be uploading. Digital marketing experts will have complete knowledge after research work on when is the right time to post. This team of experts will manage in Instagram marketing service.

Keep Posting More, which is working.

If your existing post is getting good reactions, then continuing with the same will work. Your business account provides a complete analytical review to know which post is doing the best. Moreover, you will get to know follows or the number of followers you will receive from the post. Keep analyzing your useful performing posts in terms of followers and work on the factors that can lead to further engagement.

Boosting your Posts

Instagram offers multiple options for promoting your posts. One of the best ways to create engagement is by boosting your posts. Depending on which posts are getting more likes, you can boost and promote it accordingly. If you are boosting, then you can choose the timeline and the audience. This way, you will get free followers. Furthermore, you will get organic leads to your account.


There are few of the effective ways on how you can increase Instagram followers and engagement. If you are new into Instagram and do not know the same, handing over the job to a digital marketing team will work. A professional digital marketing agency with a team of professionals will help gain maximum reach and lead to your post. The ultimate aim is to make your profile reach the top and administer your online business to grow further.