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Mobile Application Development :
Technological Proceedings & Advancement

Our lives have started depending so much over mobile phones, we invest most of our day into it. Most of our works or jobs are related to it. Thus, to make the communication of two different operating systems or different functionality on various devices collaboratively, mobile app development is necessary.

It is reported as a development or improvisation of mobile accessible services with ease. Mobile app development also includes the development of all programs which have made to run over smartphones or tablets.

Mobile App Development Types



Native apps are written for specific operating systems like Android or iOS and can hence offer superior user experience by taking advantage of system features.



Hybrid apps are primarily developed using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and the main difference is that they reside on a web server.



Progressive web apps combine the best of both web and app. Users don’t need to install an app and the app loads lightning fast on a browser.

The CodeTez edge in app development

Top-Grade Mobile Solutions

In the age of digitization, your online presence is what that makes you stand out of the queue. The technology which you are using must be reliable and convenient so that you can get the best out of the online world. If you are looking for a solution that will guide and affordable as well, then maybe you are at the right place. Being one of the best mobile application development companies in chennai, CodeTez offers efficient services and holds experience of many years as we have worked on many projects of mobile app development for many companies.

  • Proven expertise in developing apps
  • Focus on user experience design
  • Dedicated team for each project
  • Efficient quality assurance team
  • App promotion and marketing
  • Fast and efficient support service
App operating systems we work on

Operating system Development

CodeTez Technologies works on the technology of different operating systems, where our app developers can invent unique ideas. We offer a wide range of services and have the expert team of app developers who can provide services of development to you at your desired choices.

Android Apps Development

We have a durable future which comprises of Android app development. App developers walk with the latest technology which includes Java, C++, SQL, Linux and Android Studio.

iPhone App Development

We provide iPhone application, consultation, integration and development all at once. Everything has expertise in UI/UX designing. We have brilliance in working with mobile functionalities Like You APNS, NFC, POS systems etc.

Windows Apps Development

Developed by Microsoft Corporation, Windows OS has a much lesser user base, but is a simple and secure OS for developing consumer facing or enterprise applications.

Technology utilization

All your efforts and money is in vain if proper use of technology is not done with your application. CodeTez believes in providing reliable services which are compatible with the new emerging technologies.

Mobile app development is the need of this hour and we understand this fact. CodeTez provides easily accessible technology which is efficient & promising. As most of the people prefer finger friendly search and small screen, why not improvise your mobile phones and tablets then.

Easily accessible content

CodeTez is blessed with a team of experts who know to make out the best combinations of the frames, photos & colour. Our team of app developers works on the HTML5 application high technology and fulfils the needs of market, knowing the latest trend. We have an authentic and systematic proposal and holds integrated technology, which makes it easily accessible for anyone.

Mobile Learning with real & virtual world

CodeTez is committed to deliver best possible results. We have streamlined every segment and have the cross over the latest technology which is prevailing. We would also highlight the point which is not technical but important, that our services are always on time. Our browser-based technology and applications are easily accessible and are convenient. We have unique and innovative ideas regarding the application development programs.

The CodeTez edge in app development

Add - on Services provided by us

At CodeTez Technologies you will be provided with many of the outstanding services which include reliability and efficiency hand in hand. The segments of our commands are –

  • Iconic app development is what prevailing in the market these days. We know when to utilize the exact technology and for which concerned person. We work on front-end tools providing more coverage to the clients.
  • We offer hybrid app development which has an efficient platform for hybrid Technology. Our efforts are to lure the development using mobile platforms. Cross-platform applications are examined under our team.

So, in order to get 100% visuality & optimization amalgamated with technical expertise why not choose CodeTez Technologies.

Cross platform development tools

Based on the client and project requirement, our team is well-equipped to work on popular app frameworks, some of which are listed below:


jQuery Mobile




Corona SDK