Developing Logistics App? Important Features you need to check out

logistics app

Logistics app is the best most part of the business for its success. We are living at times when no business, irrespective of the size and industry, is not without an app. Every industry requires an app that can help in connecting with a wider audience and makes the business run simple. According to one statistics, 204 billion apps were downloaded in 2019 alone and by 2022 there will be an increase of 258.2 billion downloads. This has also pushed the demand for professional app Development Company. Reputed app Development Company in Chennai, India can work on developing a range of apps best for different industries, including the logistics. Logistics apps are an integral part of the business and make the process easy for the business to run smoothly.

logistics app
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Logistics is one such industry, which is doing business in billions. In fact, during the COVID-19 era, logistics was one such industry, which continued to grow. Whether it is an eCommerce business or medical, logistics is a part of the business. So to run an effective logistics company, it is important to build an effective logistics app.

Why develop a logistics App?

There are different reasons how logistics app can help the company:

  • Helps to monitor the location of the carrier using GPS feature
  • Fleet management by keeping complete track of routes
  • Makes the parcel and cargo booking easy
  • Cargo tracing via NFC

In logistics, streamlining different process within the logistics company helps in keeping complete transparency. Now that you know the reason to build an app for logistics, let us now check key features to consider.

Key features for developing logistics app:

Driver and Vehicle Tracking

When it comes to logistics, vehicle tracking is an important part. The vehicle tracking device is playing a major role and has a huge market size, and the use of apps is equally high. Building an app for the driver and vehicle tracking can help the user to monitor their cars. It further helps in evaluating drivers. For instance, the owner can check if the driver is using the vehicle as per the schedule.

Complete Offline Support

Companies should not be completely dependent on the logistics app and internet. According to research, over 1.7 billion USD is lost from apps because of poor internet connectivity. Offline apps help in overcoming the issue of poor connectivity. Since logistics, business majorly runs on the road, and there is a good chance of poor internet connection. Logistics app should be built in such a way that drivers should be able to enter data without the internet.

Pre-Planned Routes

If you have ever taken an Uber ride, then you must have come across their feature of pre-planned routes. When the driver starts the ride, the system shows the shorted route to reach the destination. Similarly, in the logistics app, drivers can get the pre-planned routes, so the delivery is done perfectly. With this feature, businesses and managers are able to assign routes beforehand and are integrated with online maps.

Offline Support for Assistance

There are chances that drivers may face delay due to less fuel or mechanical issues in the vehicle. They may be stranded in the location having no idea about the neared mechanical support. To overcome this situation, the logistics app should have complete information with the live location. The app should be able to provide information about the nearest garage, gas stations and others. Moreover, the app should have a fuel log, notifying the driver of fuel shortage. Mobile app development agency in Chennai, India has been developing apps that comes with such features.

Offering Multilingual Support

According to one study, 70 per cent of customers prefer communicating with companies that native or multilingual support. This goes also for the logistic apps. Building a multilingual support app will be useful for users of the native language. Therefore, the driver who is not fluent in English can prefer his language to navigate. An app with multilingual support helps in boosting the overall business.

Developing Logistics App

When you consider building a logistics app there are many features you need to consider. A reputed app development company that uses the latest tools and strategies do work on these and other features. It is a wise investment to handover the job to professional on-demand app Development Company