Engagement Models

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Client Engagement

In today’s fast paced market it has become important to master the skill of using a client centric approach and use of client engagement model.

CodeTez provides client engagement model that is well-structured and designed to engage clients. We focus on client’s requirements and interests above and beyond our own. Creating a client engagement model will add structure to the process and having client centric approach will increase the interests of a potential clients. We offer flexible client engagement plans along with the required reliability to the clients, based on their requirements.

Our Client Engagement Models:

CodeTez CEM is developed from the client life cycle which demonstrates the process of initiating engagement and maintaining a relationship with clients.

There are two major parts of the client life cycle:

Onboarding : New Clients
Maintenance: Keeping the Clients
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How do we achieve that?

We Engage With Customers In The Following Ways:

All our plans include the aforesaid points. By keeping in note of them, we provide strategies based on extensive research and market trends.

Model I :

Project Basis

Based on the total cost of the project along with the budget allocated, we provide the Client engagement model, ensuring all requirements are met within the assigned time frame.

Cost effectiveness with high quality of results
Risk Management
Service delivery with given time frame

How it works ?

Based on the details provided by our clients, we will come up with the strategy that will cover the entire process of documentation, planned design, and communication via email, webinars, meetings and essential protocols and time frame along with the business details. Our experts will prepare the layout of the process and follow it diligently.

How it will be applicable :
Project with minimal level of complexity
Project which clearly identifies Incidents and risk management
Active participation with respect to the feedback provided by client
Model II :

Resource and SLA Basis :

Based on the resource allocation and the cost incurred for the utilization of that resource as per service level agreement. It includes defining the team’s composition and working methodology.

Flexible execution plan
Calculated risk in respect of the cost of project
Regular updates from the service provider

How it works ?

This model is flexible enough to be adopted at any phase of the ongoing or new project. Our contract is open end and we also provide end-to-end maintenance for the same. We make sure to cross verify from client. To analyze the possibilities and relevant outcomes, our experts work in collaboration with the clients.

How it will be applicable :
Project with variable possibilities
Easy to adjust in changes required last minute
Proposed time lined and planned budget
Model III :

Dedicated Resource Management:

Based on the requirement of the project, we allocate a dedicated resource for our client.

24/7 support with dedicated resource
Flexible Client management strategy
Calculated risk to meet the requirement

How it works ?

It starts with right allocation of dedicated resources keeping the infrastructure, complexity, volume of the project, in check. The competencies and skill set of the resources defines the costing of the project. More complex requirement will require extra skill set, which in turn requires more dedicated resource management.

How it will be applicable :
This plan is applicable for the projects, where the utilization of the resources for a particular skill set is improper
Project with training and hiring issues
Project with requirement of high skill set but the hiring cost is also high

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