Tips on getting Good Flow of Web Design Project for Freelance


Web design is an integral part of a site and needs the expertise to get the work done. Companies, today, do not spend much on hiring full-time web designers, but freelancers. For freelance web designers, this is a great way to grow. Freelancing, if done rightly, will pay you good money for the long term. No matter for what sector or profession you work in, there is ample work available. However, it entirely depends on how well you approach clients and use opportunities coming your way. If you are good in designing and technical aspect of the website, then web design is the right profession to get into.

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Today, there are millions of websites running online, and many new websites keep coming. Every other company looks for web designers who can design their service site and make it look inviting. A good web design is a door to good business. It is the first impression a visitor gets. If your work is clean and impressive, companies will approach you for their project.

If you are into a freelance web design profession, you need to have ample work in your kitty. Thankfully, companies are looking to hire more freelancers who can do the job at minimal cost, but with perfection. This helps in saving cost and time. Freelance web designers, on the other hand, get a regular amount of work.

However, finding a regular gig is a task too, and you need to follow certain tips to get regular web design work.

Tips to get freelance web design projects:

  • Building your Website

The first and the foremost thing to do is building your website showcasing your portfolio. Every web designer, be it a freelancer or employee has a web design business. No doubt, it can be a daunting task to build a site from scratch, but it will be of help. When a potential client visits your site, they will find your work exciting and connect with you in the medium you mentioned. However, to make your site visible in the search result, you need to implement a bit of SEO. Make sure your portfolio site has everything that looks perfect in all sense. It will represent your experience and how professional you are in this field.

  • Create your Personal Brand

Personal branding is key to any professional wanting to excel in the field. When we talk about personal branding, we earn forming an identity as a designer in online platforms. You need to stand different in the crowd and the competition. There are certain aspects of personal branding like-

  • How you present yourself to your audience
  • Things you share to the audience that creates interest
  • The value that you offer as a web designer

When a prospective client comes searching for your service, they should be impressed with your image and feel confident that they will get the best work. If you have already with few clients or have designs ready, keep sharing to the audience and start engagement. Users will get drawn to your style of branding and get impressed by the design work. Always choose a branding style that fits your personality and work nature.

  • Join Social Groups

We live in the age of social media, where we can market ourselves and connect with people easily. Thanks to the social groups where you can connect with companies, share your work and join the discussion. Social media groups allow individuals to reach out to people easily. Potential clients may connect with you if they found your approach worth and work great. You can take your professionalism to a new level on the social media platform.

  • Connect with Local Business

Today, every small and large business want to reach a wider audience and grow. One such way is by creating a website with niche and appealing web design. You can start by researching local businesses in yellow pages or online directories. If you see any website design is outdated, you can approach with your ideas. If they like and willing to upgrade the design, then you are lucky to get the project.

  • Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn, compared to Facebook, is a more effective platform where you can get potential clients. Connect with them personally, share your portfolio and have a further talk, so if they find your work worth, will offer you the project. When you are pitching the client with ideas, make sure you include how your web design work will benefit them and improve in the long run and what design will work best. If you resolve their issues during the approach, you are already having the project.

  • Check Behance

Behance is the most famous community exclusively for freelancers to get paid gigs. At Behance, you can post your projects to gain the attention of potential clients looking to hire a web designer for a paid project. If you are just starting as a web designer, posting your work on the Behance is a great way.

Moreover, if you have enough material to create a full-fledged website with a substantial number of projects, you can still post your design work on the platform.


There are several ways to get paid freelance web design work to keep up with your earnings regularly. Reputed web design companies also look for freelance web designers to work with them and offer the best result.

Keep in mind that you will not get several projects at one go, but slowly and steadily. Keep maintaining your portfolio to get projects and gradually widen your approach.