Website Redesign – 12 reasons why your Website needs Redesign

Running an online business and want to know why website redesign is important? You are at the right place. In today’s competitive tech savvy era, upgradation is the crucial parameter for any online business. It may be software, applications, or may be very complex and complicated designs of any product, Upgradation indicates improvement. As we know, In the recent years, our world has become closer and more virtual. We all have our social identity on the social media. The fundamental representative of any entity on social media, or on internet, is website. So, isn’t it necessary to continuously improve and upgrade the website?

website redesign
Image- web re-design

Of course, the answer will be yes. Before getting in detail about the reasons, why redesigning of a website is necessary, let us take a glance about basics of website.

Website is nothing but the collection of web pages dedicated to criteria or subject. Website is classified into two types –

1) Static

2) Dynamic.

Static website is the one, which does not have interactive facility, means, the end user or viewer of the website cannot interact with the website owner, or the business entity described on the website through the website. Whereas, dynamic means, end user or viewer of the website can fill different forms, either edit or interact with the website owner or the business entity. Moreover, dynamic websites are mobile-friendly too. But that doesn’t mean static websites aren’t. Though, static website is rigid in nature, it also requires re-designing and Upgradation. Here, the point to be noted is upgradation and re-designing are conceptually same, but technically, completely different terms.

Sounds interesting? Now, first, we will look at the difference between upgradation and re-designing. Upgradation is somewhat more technical term. Whenever new technology arises, the website should be built in such a way that, it will be compatible to the current technology. So, adopting new methodologies, tools, techniques and making the website compatible to them is known as Upgradation. Whereas re-designing focuses more on the content of the website, structure, and placement of the content on the webpage, graphical representation on the website, etc. So, re-designing of website means adopting different tools and techniques to re-configure the content and the structure of the website. Now, it is the time to reveal, why re-designing of the website is necessary?

Let us find the 12 most important reasons behind website redesign-

1) Outdated Information –

 Website is the tool, to reach oneself, one’s business to the globe. So, the main objective of the website creation is to provide an information. But, what to do, if the website fails to provide an information?  Or, what if the website is displaying wrong or false or old version of information? Here, one most important thing must be kept in mind that, re-designing of website does not mean each single word needs to be changed. Only, the piece of information, which is false, or became old can be updated with the correct one.

2) Fails to generate the required results –

 Website is generally designed to acquire more traffic (visitors) and to turn more and more visitors into active or potential customers in case of business. But, what to do, if the website lacks in the generation of the required results or providing the expected output? The answer is – redesign. Redesign the website in such a manner that, it will be up to date in both technical and non-technical parameters.

To get the best results from the website, website owner or creator must ask the questions like –

  • Why was the website designed?
  • What results were expected from the website?
  • How much results we are getting in current scenario?

3) Change in objective –

 Every website is created to serve the specific purpose or objective. For example – the website of N.G.O is to provide the information about its services, usefulness to the society and the social cause it is working for. But, what if the purpose of the N.G.O changes from providing an information to the fund raising? If the goal changes, the type, nature, and the structure of the website also changes. To deal with these changes, redesigning of the website is very much necessary.

4) Rebuilding web designing strategy –

 Every website comes up with the strategy and methodology. Strategy to adopt the upcoming changes in technology, strategy to adopt the techniques and tools, which are aligning with the business goals or objectives behind designing of website. It is obvious that, the tools, techniques and methodologies change as the time progresses, as well as new tools, technologies come into the market. According to the business strategy, or website strategy, the re-designing is a must to retain the traffic, get the maximum outputs. If one is already having website re-designing strategy, it is important for them, to adopt style of re-designing.

The iterative style is most effective one. It includes modular transformation from old design to new one by keeping the rest part unchanged. It will provide the facility of pilot run, to test the usefulness of the re-designing and sets the real time scenario.

5) Current website is not working –

It happens that, due to technical in-efficiency, the current website fails to run, or fails to catch the speed. It annoys the users and points out the immediate requirement of redesigning. If the website is not functionally operating, it is the time to re-design. Before planning, one must check for –

  • The piece of information getting displayed.
  • The hidden information, if any.
  • Troublesome navigation.

6) Incompatibility of website –

 Before 2010, there was a limited hardware support to any launched website. But, since then, as different operating systems, gadgets are becoming internet friendly, IoT (Internet of the Things) has becoming crucial point, which cannot be neglected. One user can operate or view the website in different gadgets using different operating systems. To cope up with the variety of devices like Kindle, Notebooks, Laptops, Palmtops, Mobiles, and operating systems like Android, Mac, Seri, etc. the website must be highly compatible and portable. If it is not, certainly, it is the time to re-design.

7) Quality Content Needed–

During launch of the website, generally, the basic and essential information is displayed. But, as the time and business progresses, the necessity of highly engaging content, dynamic in structure and accurate in context emerges. Also, as the digital marketing tools like S.E.O, indexing website get introduced, the need for better content increases. To provide better structured content, re-designing of website is important.

8) Competitive Advantage –

If the website is designed to promote the business, it is important to keep the website up-to-date and supporting to the current business aspects, such as strategic intent. For an example, during initial phase of your business, you have launched static website, which was aimed at providing information, and nothing more than that. But, as your competitors have turned their websites into dynamic ones including google forms, feedbacks, then it is necessary for you to re-design the website and make it dynamic. So, for the competitive advantage, frequent re-designing of website is necessary.

 9) Outdated third party tools –

To improve the functionality, if your website contains third party tools like shopping cart widgets, and if some of these tools are functionally outdated or inoperable, then they must be re-designed. To determine the necessity of re-designing, ask yourself, following questions –

  • Is everything regarding third party tools is in working condition?
  • Is your website is getting slow because of these third-party tools?
  • Are the updated tools available and compatible to your website?

If the answer is yes, re-designing of website is must for you.

10) Rebranding –

If your business is in the phase of re-branding and re-launching with some updating, or changes in strategic goals, then to reflect those changes, it is necessary to redesign the website. Even, changing the logo, change in the name or spelling of the business entity matters a lot. According to the change, the graphical and textual changes must be done on the website.

11) Improving user friendliness –

This aspect comes under very crucial but neglected reason to re-design the website. User gets engaged with the user-friendly content and structure. According to the necessity of business, as well as keeping the expected audience and their expectations in mind, it is necessary to build or re-design the website. Even if the website is having full of engaging content, but is having more technical and sophisticated language, for non-technical user, and having mediocre graphics, then it will not work. The content, structure, user friendliness should go hand in hand to provide the results.

12) Periodicity –

It is general rule that, to get more visibility, preference on the Search Engine, Ranking and audience, it is necessary to re-design the website in every 2-3 years. Re-developing website becomes more hectic and time consuming. Instead, re-designing comes up with pocket and user-friendly options.

Final Words

These are some of the crucial reasons, why re-designing of website is necessary. The content provided is prepared, such that, non-technical and pro users will understand it very easily. Else, we are open for re-designing content. Hiring a professional web design or web development company that uses modern tools, strategies and other aspects is important. You will get complete assistance in developing and designing your site from scratch that can help your online business in long-term.