Tips to build Web Design Business in 2021


Web design is certainly the most preferred career option for many keen on taking designing as their career. Web design, just like the web development service, will never fade away. More and more companies are entering the web zone to create a website for their product or service. This gives a better working opportunity for web designers and keeps getting work. A web design career can be in two forms- working as a freelancer or full-time and running your own web design business. Professional web design companies in India and global hire experienced web designers on a project basis giving better chances to work.

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Moreover, some experienced designers start up their business, taking up projects. The year 2021 seems to be promising for freelance web designers to start their own business. With more and more companies outsourcing their business, web designers have a great chance to get projects.

This article presents you with the ultimate guide on becoming a web designer and running your service without having core experience.

A guide to start web design business in 2021

  • Learn about the Web Design

To learn about web design, you don’t need to spend lac on high-end courses in top institutes; instead, you can learn online. There are several online tutorials on web designing created by professionals. This allows newbie designers to learn in-depth about the stream and stay updated. You can even join short online-courses on web design. It will further help in understanding the stream.

  • Decide your Target Client:

Just by adding “web designer” in your LinkedIn profile won’t be enough. You need to present your skills, work and connect with target clients. Create your brand; share your ideas and skills so that people can notice your work. Constant communication is the key to reach your target client.

  • Decide what you will offer:

Web design isn’t limited to only design, but there is a lot more to it. You need to decide what you are going to offer along. Some of the additional services you are offered with your web design business are-

  • Offering WordPress maintenance services
  • Complete web design project for new businesses
  • Focus on specific website design, including eCommerce, tech, membership sites, etc.
  • Focus on redesigning the site


  • Setting up the price:

Next, you need to set your price for the complete web design service. The best to do is do research online about what competitors are offering or check the same offline. You can either set the rate on an hourly or complete service basis. When you are setting up the price for your web design business, you need to add taxes. You can segregate the price of web design service according to the added benefits. This will help your clients know the service’s exact price and whether they can offer the same.

  • Connect with your existing network:

If you have already worked with few on the freelance basis, you can ask them to share your reference with the tie-ups. Public your service on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. However, don’t be pushy when connecting your network. Let them take their time if your work is right; you will get a good project.

  • Use Video for Promotion

Video promotion of your portfolio is the best way to generate your client gathering chance. By professionally creating a video of your portfolio, you can showcase your talent and gather potential clients’ attention. You can even use the video method to connect with clients or audience by offering a few tips on web designing.

  • Building an Email List:

Start building your email list by attracting qualified leads using a lead magnet. This will help in gathering actual email addresses. A lead magnet is compelling to your target audience offering in exchange for the email address. Email marketing is the primary aspect of any business, especially in online business.

  • Cold Calling:

No matter what business you do, cold calling is the most effective way to gain contacts or clients. Visit their site, pen down some points which you feel that lacks on their web design. Call them and explain how your web design can help their site to have a chance. Invest in CRM tool to keep track of your deal stages with various prospects.

  • Start building themes

As a web designer, creating your web design themes and selling on different sites is the best way to create your profile and gather clients. There are multiple websites like WordPress, Wix, Drupal and others where you can share your work. This will help in building up your web design business.

Final Thoughts

Taking up such steps and more will certainly help you build your web design business in 2021. However, you also need to check what your competitors are offering and how well they are growing. The ultimate aim is to keep growing slowly and build your business.