What is a Chatbot? Its importance to add on to your WordPress Site?


You must have come across many websites where you will be welcomed by a bot on chat box asking if you need any help. This is what the Chatbot does. Many brand websites use this to connect with visitors, so they get what they are looking for on the website. A Chatbot is installed during the website development process.

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To learn more about Chatbot and its importance for your WordPress site, read the content further.

What is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is an AI-generated computer program that interacts with human users via a chat interface. For instance, Pizza Hut has a Facebook Messenger Chatbot allowing customers to learn more about promotions or specials before placing the order.

The Chatbot majorly relies on the multiple-choice menus and some of the inputs helping customers. It is user-friendly, designed to assist the users in getting the assistance they are looking for on the site. These chatbots are either in the form of text or voice commands. Every individual using the internet has come across the Chatbot.

Reasons why Chatbots were created?

The reason why these chatbots are created is to make customer interaction easy. Since messaging applications are gaining popularity, chatbots are playing a significant role in the conversational part. From a business point of view, chatbots allow businesses to connect with customers on behalf of human users. Chatbots have made communication between users and companies convenient.

It is quite clear that people prefer communicating using the messaging interface. However, you need to keep in mind that more than 95% of visitors don’t purchase a product on the first visit. Until they find more information about the brand, they won’t buy. This is when using chatbots as FAQs tool works on your business favour. The best part of using Chatbot is the communication happens quickly, and the user gets information without waiting for long.

According to one research, it was found that 37% of companies respond to their users within one hour and 16% in 24hrs or more. For consumers, this isn’t acceptable and will end up going to other sites.

When developing a WordPress or a website from the base, you need to invest in chatbots too. Website development companies create communication tools and install chatbots only after immense testing to ensure users don’t face any challenges.

Since there are multiple benefits of using chatbots like getting leads, giving customers’ access to account information, direct helpful resources, and others, you cannot miss investing in this AI program.

If your online business website is built on WordPress, below are pointers to know Chatbot importance for WordPress.

Importance of Chatbots for WordPress site:

  • Helps in Collecting Leads

One of the important goals for any lead-based company website is to collect leads in information for further assistance. Chatbots are perfect tools to gain leads. For instance, some WordPress sites use a landing page with a full-screen Chatbot for collecting visitor’s information as they arrive.

The Chatbot, in many cases, asks visitors to provide information to ensure they are eligible to use the site. Therefore, it is the best way to gain information from visitors. The information also includes an email id, so the next time you come up with a new service, you can send a mail to them.

  • Subscribing Visitors to your Newsletter

Some websites use Chatbot to prioritize new leads and subscribe people to their weekly newsletter. Newsletters are a great way to keep your audience in the loop on every new service you come up with.

  • Putting Visitors in Touch with your Team

One of the misconceptions is that Chatbot replaces human support staff. But this is not the case. Instead, this AI programmed tool will help in connecting visitors with the sales team. This way, the visitor will be ready to speak with the respective staff to get help and determine if the company’s service is worth using.

These chatbots are programmed in such a way that can help visitor to connect with the staff by giving away the contact details. In other words, chatbots don’t take away the job of humans but make their job easy.

  • Directing Visitors with Resources

If your WordPress-built website has all the content, then there is a good chance you’ve also published the content which visitors are looking to read. So you can train the Chatbot to direct visitors straight to the resources relevant to the interests and questions.

  • Personalizing your Browsing Experience

If you have ever come across any lead-based company website to contact the staff regarding service, it is not the most exciting experience. Chatbot brings down this negative experience. Firstly, it greets users and then asks for details to tailor the “conversation” to individual users. Chatbots are designed to tailor conversations according to the different segments of the audience to deliver information users are looking for on the website.

  • Compatible with WordPress Tools

It is the best part of Chatbot as they are finely compatible with different WordPress tools. You can integrate Chatbot with other WordPress tools to make the customer browsing experience handy.


Although chatbots are still a new addition to many brands running WordPress theme websites, they are instrumental. In other words, a website with Chatbot is an effective sales tool and is designed for fast response. Chatbots are active 24/7 and will address visitors’ questions, helping staff bring down the customer service pressure.