Top SEO Trends for Driving Traffic in 2021


Today, no online business can run its website without implementing SEO. Optimization is the most effective ways to attract potential customers. Although it’s not new, but you need to keep up with the trend and apply new techniques to keep getting traffic. According to one study, there are more than 3.58 billion searches on Google every day. Out of the total search, only 0.78% of users visit the second page of the search engine. This means, you need to work hard to reach the first page of the search engine to get enough leads and traffic.

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SEO is constantly evolving, and optimizations experts need to be in standby to ensure every website they work get the taste of success in the form of getting traffic.

In this blog, we are going to cover important trends to leverage in 2021 to get success in SEO.

SEO trends to implement in 2021:

  • Core Web Vital as a Google Ranking Factor

In May 2020, Google announced its three new metrics- Core Web Vital used for measuring user experience. These three metrics are- Loading, Interactivity and Visual Stability. All three are related to one purpose- Page Speed. This involves how fast the page loads, how interactive it is and how stable it is. By May 2021, Core Web Vitals will be Google’s ranking factors. This means you will have to pay close attention to appear on the first page. For instance, if your website content two page having similar content, then user experience metrics will help search engine bots for deciding which content should rank high.

  • Google’s BERT looks for intent Matches

Google’s BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) uses Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand search and what users look for in the search engine. Thanks to the BERT update, search engine bots are becoming conversational. This will allow Google algorithm to interpret search intent.

The BERT update also means that if there is content-intent mismatch, there will be negative impact. So no how long-from content you post with details, if it doesn’t satisfy the user intent, then BERT will ignore your content.

You need to know here that Google BERT is not a penalty algorithm, but helps in filtering out relevant content.

  • Keyword Research will be an Important Parameter:

Keyword is certainly the vital factor in SEO. However, more than 50% of search happens with zero-click. This means, more than half of the search happens without any click. This is because many of the rich search results in the SERP that offers contact information, featured snippets, related question with answers and many more. Users get the answer without clicking any site.

So it becomes important to work on keyword covered in blog content, business profile and other content areas. Invest some time in keyword research to find high-ranking keywords that can bring good traffic to the site.

One of the best ways is to find long-tail keywords and creatively include on the search engine. If you are success in doing this, then you are going to get the best result. So even in 2021, don’t miss out to work on this SEO trend to taste the success.

  • Voice Search

According to the data by Google, more than 27% of the global population is using voice search. Moreover, ComScore also reported that more than half of the Smartphone users have engaged with voice search technology in 2020. However, you need to keep in mind that most of the voice searches done on Google are long-tail keywords and users look for specific answers when using the voice search.

Voice search in 2021 will be in increasing path and will keep trending throughout the year.

  • Video Marketing

YouTube is the biggest search engine after Google. With over 1 billion users, every other business uses this platform to market service or product. YouTube, in 2021 will keep trending as an SEO part of marketing. However, optimizing the video content on YouTube is essential. Digital marketing agencies use latest SEO tools to marketing video content of the brand on YouTube.

Optimize the video channel name and description, which shouldn’t be overloaded with keywords. The best is to use Autocomplete feature which keeps suggesting you with keywords matching up with the search results.

Wrapping it up!

Google keeps updating its SEO features and tools to help businesses reach to the audience. Digital marketing agencies offering SEO service ensure that every tool or feature used leads to better traffic inflow. Moreover, to stay updated with the latest SEO trends for online businesses