Top Rules you need to follow for error-free Content Migration

content migration

Content Migration and upgradation are part of website development. You will need to do it one day as a part of the redevelopment. Content migration is critical for website redesign and maintenance. In other words, migrations are the final step of website upgradation but need to be done correctly. If you have less or no knowledge about content migration, then it is best to connect with Chennai’s professional website development company that also performs content migration work.

Content migration without a plan is a big fail. Moreover, waiting for the last moment is not a good idea too. This mistake will often lead to poor user experience due to poor content.

What is Content Migration?

Content migration, in simple words, is moving web content from one platform to another. One of the final steps in the development process is integrated as a user-driven discovery process and requirements phase.

Content migration is a collaborative effort between the content marketing team, business units, and IT. There is a requirement for tech support, manual resources, and other consideration for a successful migration.  If there is a shift in the CMS systems, there will be a change in the content too. It is vital to familiarize yourself with the system back end and handling different aspects of the website.

Let us check some top rules of content migration you need to consider:

Gather Expert Team

If you want to have error-free content migration, then assorting the experts’ team is the first rule. In case you do not have the respective team, then hiring a professional website development agency that handles the content migration work is the best.

There are three essential experts to include on your team-

  • SEO Experts

Keywords are valuable assets of your website; redesigning the content can add unique SEO challenges. SEO experts can help in eliminating issues of keywords change. These experts will also be able to identify opportunities for improved local optimization. SEO experts are a need for any content related work. They understand what the Google algorithm and search result demand.

  • Back-end Developers

Content migration may be only about the content, but there is a huge chance of the backend getting wrong. So having back-end developers for the assistance purpose can help in making the content migration hassle-free.

  • Marketing Coordinators

Content and marketing always go hand-in-hand. Therefore, during content migration work, it is essential to have marketing coordinators in the team. The marketer can be anyone from offline advertising expert to vanity URL maintenance expert.

Auditing before Migration

Even though you know the type of content, your website carries, it is vital to carry out the audit. However, you do not need to get into detail about the content audit. You need to audit or check certain things- Page Title, Content-Type, URL, and others. You need to review “All Pages” and “Landing Pages” reports in Google Analytics to check all high traffic web pages migrating to the new website.

Hire an expert content auditor who can work on every of your site that you want to migrate. Check the audit result and accordingly work on the content migration.

Check the Value of the Content

Before you switch your content from an old to a new site, it is vital to see the content’s value from a traffic and conversion perspective.  Some of the content on your business site may be in good shape, but some others possibly outdated and need to be refreshed. Therefore, when you perform the content migration, the best to check which content is perfect. You can find which content is outdated through users’ behavior and the traffic it gets.

You can refresh the outdated content according to the current trend. Research the current trend happening in respect of the content written. Updating your content according to the SEO strategy will work best.

Migrating Good Content, Leaving the Rest

During the content migration, it is vital to balance good stuff and leave the rest. Content that is in good shape and is written according to the SEO aspect does not need any change. However, content does not get any traffic and has no value in the current scenario; it is better to leave.

According to an SEO expert, “Removing or consolidating pages that are contributing little value to your website can boost your SEO performance after the migration. Cleaning out those low-quality pages will help you get more value from crawlers visiting your site and can also ensure you provide a better experience for users.”


It is vital to keep an eye on the conversion rate of pages. If any page witnesses a low conversion rate, then work on the respective page’s content or drop it. Moreover, check if there are no broken links because they can affect the content migration.

Hiring a professional web development company in Chennai, India, will be of fine assistance. Regardless of their service, these professionals place some of the mentioned and other best practices that can make the content migration process fruitful.