Top PHP Libraries to use for the web development purpose

top php libraries

PHP is a powerful backend language used by more than 80% of web developers. One of the reasons why web developers prefer this PHP libraries or framework is the simplicity it offers. The programming structure and development-friendly web functionalities make it the most dynamic applications. It helps developers to build dynamic applications for both web developers and web owners. For any web developer, writing PHP code often becomes a tedious job.

top php libraries

In many cases, PHP also required coding right from scratch. This is relatively a hassle for web developers. To bring down the burden, built-in PHP libraries were introduced. By using these libraries, coders and developers found the development function easy to configure.

PHP libraries or framework is a user-friendly abstraction in which software providing generic function is selectively changed by other reusable use has written code. These frameworks help well-organized and reusable code. If you are new in web development, then using the right PHP frameworks will help make your project easy and result oriented. Top web development company in Chennai, India use the best PHP libraries for developing a robust website.

Let us now check some of the best top PHP Libraries:

1.   Laravel

Laravel is the most critical and popular PHP library, released in 2011. Since its release, the framework has been topping the charts and is widely used for web development purposes. One of the reasons why Laravel is a web developer’s favourite is because of its ability to handle complex web applications with additional security compared to other frameworks. The library also simplifies development by reducing the complex nature of sessions, routing, and authentication.

The framework also comes with Homestead- Vagrant box, which assists in hassle-free development.

2.   Symfony

Launched in 2005, Symfony has successfully offered the best web development compared to other PHP frameworks. The framework is an extensive PHP library following the standard PHP and web. Symfony is widely used for CMS like Drupal, OroCRM, and PHP Bulletin Board.

Every web developer suggests Symphony as it has reusable libraries offering various tasks like authentication and object configuration. Many large-scale enterprises use Symfony.

3.   Codelgniter

Codelgniter is a lightweight framework and offers hassle-free installation. Although it is just 2MB in size, the library is robust and includes documentation. Developers who work on dynamic websites offer prebuilt modules helping to the construction of robust and reusable components. What makes this library popular is its speed compared to other frameworks. Other features include- simple security, encryption steps, easy error handling, and others.

4.   Zend Framework

Zend Framework is extendable due to features like the interfaces and inheritance. This framework is built on the agile methodology for high-quality applications enterprise level. The framework is object-oriented and constructed to keep the speed high and security of the website.

Zend comes with a surplus of components for tasks like authentication, forms, services, and others. It comes with a pack of features like a drag and drops editor, a coding tool, and a scalable interface. It is one of the problematic frameworks, and the beginner needs to learn about the same before its use.

5.   FuelPHP

FuelPHP is an extendable PHP framework and is not limited to the Model-View-Controller pattern (MVC). The framework adds a voluntary class known as the Presenter Class in between the Controller and View layers. This framework is security-focused and helps developers use features, including input and URI filtering and output encoding. There are other features, too, including vulnerability protection, caching system, and routing system.

6.   Phalcon

Phalcon is a full-stack PHP framework and is a C-extension. One of the best things about Phalcon is its speed and its handful of resources compared to other frameworks. Since its establishment, the framework underwent regular updates, and with every new update, developers receive new features to explore. The current version supports ORM, MVC, and Caching.

7.   Yii 2

Yii 2 is an object-oriented framework and is best for heavy websites. The best thing about this PHP framework is its ability to integrate with jQuery and AJAX features. Yii 2 comes with a class code generator named Gii. The primary function of the Gii is to bring down the process of programming and rapid prototyping. This allows programmers to generate desired code interactively. There are other features, including short rapid development time and sets of configuration. In Chennai, a reputed web Development Company uses this framework for every big project to get the best result.

8.   CakePHP

Established in the year 2000, CakePHP was the first MVC framework hitting the market. Over a period, there have been significant updates giving web developers an excellent chance to develop a well-improved website. The best thing about Cake PHP is the convention in coding. That means you can master using its convention set to focus on the development. The CakePHP offers multiple sets of components making the web development process handy.

However, due to its convention feature, you may face some restrictions, but you can be creative in many ways.

Which is the best PHP Library for web development?

PHP frameworks or libraries carry features that can make the web development process handy. Web Development Company in Chennai, India, works on the latest and the best PHP libraries that bring the best features and have the community support for better development. Using the PHP library depends on the requirement and factors like scalability, security, and others.