Top Effective YouTube Marketing Strategies to Increase your Audience


YouTube marketing strategies isn’t completely same as text content, but the vision is same to gain more attention the target audience towards the product or brand. YouTube is undoubtedly the most critical platform for companies, individual entrepreneurs, and others who want to reach out to the audience’s vast segment. YouTube has currently around 2 billions of active users, and daily millions of videos are uploaded. Companies, irrespective of the size and product invest its resources to create and promote videos. Gaining subscribers and views is a challenging part for any YouTube channel. No matter how good your content is, it’s hard to sustain in the market unless you earn good subscribers.

YouTube Marketing
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There are brand running channels with millions of subscribers, and others have subscribers in thousands. If you are successful in getting 10k subscribers in a few months of opening your channel, you have knocked on the door of YouTube marketing success. However, to reach them, you need to follow specific strategies.

Establishing your Brand goal in YouTube Marketing

One of the reasons why people visit YouTube is to learn, get entertained. If your brand showcases both, then you are inching towards success. The ultimate goal is to stay ahead in the competition. Here, you need to understand that most viewers viewing your video may not be qualified leads and look for more education. Once you know this aspect, you can move forward to create videos that educate them and promote your product.

We now bring you with top effective YouTube marketing strategies that would generate audience:

Create Compelling Titles

Like the text content required, engaging title, video content also requires title that can bring viewers’ attention. These titles can be helpful to promote the video and the content inside accordingly. When creating the title, find the right keywords which tell Google crawlers what your video is about. Moreover, the right keyword will also tell viewers what they can expect from the content. Furthermore, keep the title short without exceeding 60 characters.

For instance- Check how Covid-19 changed the 3D printing industry.

Creating short and engaging titles can generate interest among viewers to watch the video.

Creating YouTube Thumbnails

Adding useful thumbnails can make users click, making your channel recognizable. Make sure the video content and title both are relevant to thumbnails. When creating thumbnails, it is vital to include short descriptions and should be suitable. Catch the audience interest and try telling a story using your thumbnails so that they visit the channel to watch the video. Moreover, use high-quality images and use standard video sizes to make it look impressive.

Implement YouTube SEO

According to the research, more than 70% of the YouTube video reaches the maximum audience due to effective SEO. YouTube being the second largest search engine after Google, people search for products and solutions through video format. For instance, many look for videos about mobile unboxing and solutions for DSLR lens cleaning issues. To implement SEO effectively on your YouTube channel, here are few steps to follow:

  • Adding titles and description having keywords
  • Use keyword search tools that will help you with ideas.
  • Mention keywords in your video, helping YouTube to understand your video better.
  • Create categories to help YouTube better understand where to show on the search result.

Figure out your audience

One of the vital aspects of creating channels and video on YouTube for your brand is to figure out who your audience is and what they want. This is quite similar to the text content where you want first to know the audience that helps in drafting your content. Similarly, when you create video content, you need to understand who your target audience is and what they want. If you are just starting to promote your YouTube channel, then check your competitors from your industry. Look what content they are creating and whether they are fulfilling the viewers’ requirement.

Engage with the YouTube Community

Like every other platform, YouTube also has a community that helps to engage and gain an audience. Having any sort of interaction with your audience can bring a positive result. Moreover, by engaging with your subscribers will also help in fostering a strong connection.

Pin a top comment which can act as the personal note to your subscribers. Some of the YouTube content creators have been strongly following content pinning and conversation with the audience through live video.

Running content or giveaway

No matter what type of audience you target, giveaways and discounts are the best way to keep the audience engaged and stay. Everybody loves freebies; why not jump into the bandwagon. However, you need to make sure that certain policies are practiced:

  • Know YouTube policies
  • Give gifts related to your brand or product
  • Be creative by incorporating user-generated content and other traditional entry requirements.

Collaborate with other creators

Collaboration with other creators and influencers can help in generating more audiences. Every collaboration will help your brand to get exposure to a new audience. Make sure you find the right partner with whom you want to collaborate with your brand’s similar passion. This will not only help in getting more views but also increase in subscribers.


Growing YouTube channel subscribers or audience doesn’t happen overnight but takes many strategic ideas, reliable content and regular engagement. It will take time, but pays off if done rightly. If you aren’t that skilled in getting the best out of YouTube video content, then hiring a digital marketing company is what you can do. This professional company have backup of good creative team that can help managing your YouTube channel and make it reach to the wider audience.