Top 10 IoT Applications in 2020


top 10 IoT applications

IoT applications in 2020 are changing the face of life we are living. IoT (Internet of Things) is the fastest growing technology implemented in a different industry. There are various projects where IoT technology is used for making life better. From retails, healthcare to the manufacturing industry, you will find the implementation of IoT.

According to market insight report, the global Internet of Things market was $250.72 billion in 2019, which is set to reach $1463.19 billion by 2027 with the CAGR of 24.9%. One of the reasons behind the boosting of this technology is the implementation of AI, 5G infrastructure and others.

During the pandemic, industries like retail, BFSI, agriculture and healthcare were operational. This also boosted the growth of IoT in different industries.

Since there is a growth of IoT implementation in different industries, there are also applications used for better performance.

Let us check top 10 IoT applications in 2020 to look forward-

1.      IoT in Manufacturing and Industrial

IoT applications 2020

The manufacturing industry is witnessing a vast technological transformation. Tech giants like Microsoft and AWS are the major driving force of digital transformation in manufacturing. If we talk about IoT applications in 2020 area, then industrial IoT is transforming the real picture of manufacturing, fueling cloud and edge innovation, to enhance the operational performance.

The manufacturing and industrial IoT application cover a large area of both inside and outside. For instance, IoT based factory automation and control projects include smart factory solutions like floor monitoring, wearable and AI. The outside factory includes remote control of connected machinery, equipment monitoring and control of remote industrial operations.

2.      Agriculture and Pest Control

IoT Applications 2020

Agriculture is an essential part of a country’s economy, and introducing new age technology gives a significant push. Integrating IoT applications with farming will help in boosting the production and faster engagement between farmers and buyers. By using the analytical data, the user will be able to understand soil moisture level, climatic changes, plant requirement, and others.

One of the major threats agriculture sector has been facing is pest infiltration. However, aggrotech companies are using IoT on products that can help to bring down infiltration. Semios uses sensors to track pest population in the field.

3.      Environment

In the past few years, environmental concern among people has increased. Back to back, disasters have made us correct our mistakes. IoT is also being implemented in environmental concern products. Using of IoT with connected sensors will help in keeping track of live temperature, pollen collection and others.

4.      Smart Home Applications

IoT Applications 2020

We want to live an intelligent life and stay equipped with new tech products to make life easy and happening. The very finest example of smart home applications is Jarvis, introduced by Mark Zuckerberg. The smart home application works with IoT application that can perform certain activities. Smart interior lights, Smart Thermostats and other similar products can make your home look interior.

5.      Healthcare

When we talk about the top IoT applications in 2020, healthcare is the primary industry. Healthcare comprises of physicians, patients, hospitals and other areas. IoT can help patients to choose different types of wearable accounts like fitness bands, blood pressure device and others.

Physicians can help us IoT enabled device to get real-time details of patients. IoT devices are also used inside hospitals to track locations of medical devices and manage the hospital inventory system.

6.      Smart Cities

One of the significant IoT applications in 2020 one can witness is smart cities. From traffic management, parking, utility billing, and other areas carry IoT application making the city life easy. With the blend combination of sensors, GPS data collection and cloud platforms. Devices can work best in monitoring traffic conditions of the specific area and planning construction programs.

7.      Transportation and Mobility

Transportation and mobility another major IoT applications in 2020 to look forward. Tesla has already introduced connected cars having over-the-air software updates. Even Honda automobile company introduced Honda Xcelerator is designed for tech innovators. In 2020 and further, there will be more such mobility and transportation tech.

8.      Waste Management

Taking up the responsibility of a better environmental future, we are moving slowly towards adopting different methods of waste management. Investing in IoT can help a lot in making waste management process easy. One of the ways IoT can be in use in waste management is selecting the right route for garbage trucks. IoT apps notify truck drivers about filling dustbins.

Furthermore, the application will help in developing Smart bins to segregate dust as per the type like plastic, metal, glass and others. Many countries have adopted the Smart Waste Bins concept using IoT for the best waste management system.

9.      Energy

The worldwide consumption rate of energy is expected to grow by 40% in the next 25yrs. Therefore, there will be a huge need for smart energy solution in the coming years. IoT is the major part of the energy industry from generation to transmission to distribution. Both IoT solution providers and energy solutions understand the need for IoT in the industry. Already there are advanced sensors that will help in monitoring and communicating grid data.

10.  Retail

More and more retail companies understand the importance of IoT industry that can help in cost-efficiency and in-store customer solutions. Digitizing stores help in smarter operating and gather information about customers—voice-activated digital assistants using high automation for ordering systems.

When we talk about retail, we cannot skip how IoT can help in the supply chain. It helps in tracking goods in transit and customer feedback. IoT also allows suppliers to preserve good during transport to help it store at the right temperature.


IoT applications in 2020 will be a game-changer for many industries. There will be a huge demand for IoT service companies developing software for mentioned industries.

We are witnessing how the world is turning into a smart world with smart solutions. In other words, IoT gives both businesses and governments working people a chance to improve the working culture. If you belong to any of these groups and want to enhance the overall method of working, then connect with IoT product developers for an easy process.