Tips to Select the Best Email Service provider for eCommerce Brand

eCommerce email marketing

There is no second thought that eCommerce email marketing is an integral part of marketing. It is one of the best marketing tools helping the business to stay connected with the target audience, maintaining brand loyalty, and offer the highest ROI of nearly all marketing models. However, not every business owner would be able to handle the process alone and needs an email service provider for eCommerce brand who can do the job. Hiring a digital marketing company in Chennai, India that offers eCommerce email service will help in building quality leads and push your business to a new growth.

eCommerce email marketing

Why you must engage in email marketing for your eCommerce?

A digital marketing company that works on optimizing email-marketing campaigns is aware of how profitable this marketing model is for the business. For instance, according to one data by 2019 Data & Marketing Association report, email marketing has the ability to produce an average ROI of $42 per $ 1 spent. In simple words, the return on investment is 4,200 percent.

When you are planning to invest on eCommerce email marketing with a reputed digital marketing company, you need to consider certain things. This is because not every company would offer you the desired result. You need to be clear on what are you looking for when connecting to an online marketing company for eCommerce email marketing.

Tips to select best email service provider for eCommerce brand:

Define your Business Goals

Each company runs the business with a goal, according to the business process. For some companies, sending a few emails is fine, but for others reaching out to a mailing list of thousands and requires a handful of tools for implementing email design best practices. A large company may have an internal team that will handle the complete email marketing campaign, but there are few like medium and small-sized companies, hiring an email marketing agency works. This helps the company to concentrate on business growth, while the agency does its job.

Setting up the Budget

Since you are hiring an email-marketing agency, you need to work upon the ESP budget. The ESP completely depends on the overall need for marketing. One of the best things about hiring a professional email service provider is there is an ESP available for every budget and business size. When selecting the ESP, it is wise for the retailer to keep in mind that email marketing is not just about spending big bucks. It is majorly about the functionality that serves the business goals. Check thoroughly about the pricing schemes offered and then consider your budget.

Email Templates

When it comes to eCommerce email marketing, the template of the email matters the most. There are different templates for different types of domains. Online retailers would want to invest in email templates that speaks volume and engages with the audience while reading your email.

Mobile Friendly

According to email marketing statistics, 46 percent of smartphone users prefer opening mails on phone. This means email marketers need to optimize the email for mobile viewing. Right from the content to the design, everything needs to be mobile-friendly. A reputed email marketing company would do the testing of each mail written to ensure there is no glitch in the opening of an email on a smartphone. People find opening and reading emails on smartphones, especially when traveling. Moreover, more than 70 percent of customers use smartphones to shop from online stores. So making your email mobile friendly and adding links to the website page will help in gaining more traffic to the page.


Email segmentation allows marketers and retailers to send relevant content, messages to different groups of customers for achieving click-through and conversion rates. Emails are usually differentiated according to age, location, gender, and purchase history. As an online retailer, when hiring an email-marketing agency, you need to see if the agency is capable of filtering audiences and creating relevant campaigns that target a specific set of customers.

Personalization of emails

According to 2017, Salesforce State of Marketing report, 52 percent of customers would switch to other brands if they do not receive personalized emails. Customers when receiving a mail love to get a personalized one that makes them feel special. Therefore, the ability to include customer’s personal information like name, gender, and other details in email campaigns will work best.

Final Thoughts

When choosing an email marketing agency in Chennai that also offers a complete digital marketing solution it is important to consider the above-mentioned points. Moreover, you also need to consider the reputation of the ESP before hiring them. Before making any decision, it is important to go through all the available options.