The Influence of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media Industry

AI- Social Media

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. There is no such industry left which doesn’t use AI for product or service marketing. Many people view AI as the sentient robots which work together to take over the world. However, this is not the truth, because AI is made to make life and business easy. When we talk about business, social media is the major sector which is utilizing AI at its best. From Facebook to Instagram and Pinterest, every other platform uses AI helping users and marketers in many ways.

AI- Social Media

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According to different studies, by 2023, AI in the social media market will hit $2.2 billion, which is quite a big number. From filters in Instagram and Snapchat to job recommendations on LinkedIn, every other social media network uses AI and ML algorithms. All these shows that AI plays a vital role in social media marketing and can boost your business in many senses.

Before we check how AI is playing a role in Social Media, let us check what AI is?

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the branches of computer science aiming to create machines that can help in doing certain tasks and help different industries.

Some of the ways AI is helping industries is:

  • Factories are using robots for automatic streamlining the production
  • AI is perfect for the forecasting and supplying of data and demands
  • Social media platforms can use AI for multiple purposes like filters and job search
  • Mobile handsets using face recognition for unlocking

For instance, Facebook uses a tool called DeepText that helps in interpreting posting content and to find the meaning. The process is done using Machine Learning and provides ads to users.

Let us check the Benefits of AI on social media

  • Automation

One of the benefits AI is offering to social media is automation. This can be in the form of automating content creation or any other process. With this, the speed of the process is increased, delivering content faster to customers, and will give employees time to spend on other marketing tasks. Some of the examples of automation are-

  • Social Listening
  • Social Engagement
  • Content Scheduling
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Image Recognition

Social media platforms are more images. The best example is Instagram and Pinterest which are image oriented platforms. Ever imagined how companies are learning about you and your image preference? Manually screening of endless images is quite a gruelling task for large companies. This is where AI comes to the role. With the use of AI, the process can scan a large number of images and give you the result. Facebook uses ML for extracting specific data from images. This allows Facebook to offer you with the content which fits your needs.

This will help marketers to market the product and online advertising. Furthermore, this will cut down unnecessary costs.

  • Face Recognition

In the year 2010, Facebook was the first company to implement face recognition that identifies people in photos they haven’t tagged in. Since then, facial recognition has become the common AI technology on social media platforms. According to a 2019 study, by 2024, the facial recognition market will generate $7 billion of revenue. However, the modern face recognition tools are becoming more advanced. For social media marketers, face recognition will help to know more about clients closely. Moreover, it will help in detecting consumers’ mood and provide relevant ads.

  • Understanding the Text

Machine Learning will not only analyze how you look but also the way you will communicate, engage in different content and your reaction to different topics. There is a buzzword called Natural Language Processing (NLP), which helps in teaching machines for interpretation and analyzing the natural language. Some of the examples are- Google Translation, MS Word, Alexa and others. In many social media platforms, text-deciphering algorithms are used. One such is DeepText, a deep learning engine by Facebook.

  • Social Media Management

AI has placed a major impact on social media management. Today, every other business is having its presence in social media platforms. This presents two things- extending the business reach to the target audience and making the social media management process easy. AI has proved to be the best technology for marketers to schedule and distribute the social media content. They can use different tools helping to analyze post-engagement, get valuable data and offer strategic post recommendations.

  • Performance Measurement

Another major benefit of AI in social media is marketers can analyse and track every campaign conducted. Right from identifying the performance of the ad to tracking user-engagement, there are different tools that help in getting complete insight of the campaign, and these tools use AI to get the result. One such is the Hootsuite that gives powerful insight about customers and their choices.

Final thoughts-

These are just few benefits AI offers to social media and marketers. In coming years, the list is set to increase, as AI will keep evolving and harness the business positively. Digital marketing companies are making the best use of AI infused technology for business campaigns and service promotions