Steps to Start Online Business in India Post- Lockdown

post-lockdown business

post-lockdown business

Online business in India post-lockdown is the major challenge for entrepreneurs. The pandemic COVID-19 has changed the global business scenario bringing loss to many start-ups and established companies. This has also led to billions of job losses worldwide. India too witnessed huge financial loss affecting the overall economy. Many small and mid-sized companies are looking for re-start their business post-pandemic era. However, the process is not that easy. Businesses would pick-up slowly in a systematic process, giving a better chance to the entrepreneur for a long-term result.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, the thought of launching a business in the current climate is quite a daunting task. For many months, starting up a new company with full capacity will take months and months. However, if you have not started your venture yet, the post-pandemic there is a good chance of starting up the business. There are multiple business opportunities to take up and work upon post – lockdown. Moreover, India is getting into the right track with the growing economy and opportunities to take up.

Post-Pandemic Business Scenario

Although the air of pandemic will stay for long, businesses will kick-off to get back to the track. Many companies are now dealing with the fallout due to the current economic disruption, which soon will see a good result.

Sales of many companies have fallen, as consumers do not prefer investing in any product due to loss of jobs and other financial issues. Similarly, start-ups are facing to gain funding for further pushing the business. Moreover, due to social distancing, companies that served service face-to-face are facing a huge loss.

This will continue for a bit longer period when restrictions will be off, and people keep precautions. In this situation, planning ways to gain the confidence of investors and consumers is the primary priority.

We now bring you with some steps on starting up the business in India post-pandemic era-

Prioritize strong digital brand identity

post-lockdown business

Social media rules and it has changed how consumers think about brands. During the pandemic period, social media played a major role in helping brands to reach out to consumers. Post-pandemic, social media will keep assisting brands too; the only difference is the right use of platforms. To get this done, the company need to make the best use of digital branding strategies.

Seek the assistance of a digital marketing company for branding purpose. The company would come up with different strategies to help brands be consistent for communication purpose. Taking smart decisions can help to get the best return in future.

Focusing on SEO practices

SEO plays a significant role when it comes to branding the service online. It helps in reaching out to the right audience and getting leads. Focusing on SEO strategy will help in the long term. If you are new into this field, then connecting with the right SEO agency for the branding purpose will work.

SEO guidelines keep changing regularly, and brands need to stay updated about these changing guidelines to ensure a quality result in the long run.

Upskilling Employees

Companies, especially ITes, need to work on upskilling their employees in certain areas. Some top IT companies like Wipro, Infosys and others have already pushed their workforce to adopt next-level jobs. Giving out training of cloud technology, AI, MI and data analytics to employees will be a great help for employees. According to company heads, reskilling in the post-COVID-19 situation will new-age digital skills becomes essential.

Many employees working for top IT companies are spending a few hours of the day in learning a new skill. Thanks to online- learning sites offering courses in different domains. Even small and mid-sized companies can adopt this method to keep running post-pandemic.

Being More Humane

Life will change post-pandemic. People will be more cautious, and companies need to show more compassionate towards their employees. There is a requirement of specific planning activity to identify which employees need to visit office and work and which should continue working from home. Similarly, companies should provide proper transportation for employees with testing for their testing.

Furthermore, companies will have to ensure there is no over-crowding in the office space, and all the precautions are taken. The ultimate way to re-start your business successfully is to keep your staff happy.

Leveraging Technology

Technology will play a major role to shape up businesses post-pandemic. E-commerce companies need to adopt technology to connect with customers. Personal interactions through online channels can be a significant boost. Moreover, personalized merchandising technology can be a good push. For example, they are allowing shoppers to dictate recommendations based on their behaviour.

There are different technology options to consider helping businesses to stay occupied post-pandemic. IoT, AI, MI and others to adopt.

Proper Communication method before business launch

During the pandemic period, communication was the primary issue businesses faced with customers. One of the major ingredients to have a successful business is excellent communication. If your business is located in remote areas, then do not skip the communication. Communication tools have improved a lot in recent years. So making the best use of it will certainly help to keep your business running.

Look out for clients- both old and new

Every business is struggling to sustain in the market. Many have lost their clients, and have no clue of them coming back. To get back in operation, businesses need to approach both new and old clients. Generating prospective clients and bringing in new leads will help the company to gear up slowly.

Using social media and personally connecting with clients can be a game-changer. This is the best way to show your loyalty to your clients. This way, clients will be ultra-loyal to your business.

Stay Relevant

The business environment has changed post-pandemic, and you will need to stay relevant. Prepare a blueprint what will work and what will not. Look for some emerging trends that fit your business. This will pull clients and consumers towards the service.

The upcoming quarter for businesses will be challenging, but also will not be too grave for emerging ones. Diversifying the business and having a strong foundation will work towards the success post-pandemic.


Post-pandemic, the scenario will change for business, and every entrepreneur will need to adopt it. To start online business post-pandemic, you need to work on plans that suit your business. Connect with a digital agency to start an online business in India post-lockdown to get the best use of social media platform for continuous result in the long term.