Some Effective Digital Marketing Tips to make your Business sustain Post-Pandemic


Digital marketing is the backbone of every business running online. Irrespective of the size, every business today has its online presence. The dynamic nature and fast-paced digital marketing form have perfectly suited businesses to remain in the market during and post-pandemic. During the pandemic period, more and more people increased their online presence, pushing businesses to take the online route completely. Both brick and mortar locations and online stores did their best to generate business and increase the source of revenue.

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E-commerce companies were the major beneficiary who witnessed sky-rocketing sales during the lockdown. The increase in online shopping penetration continues to grow post-lockdown period. This also increased the use of digital marketing techniques by online marketing companies.

According to some statistics:

  • The total paid search impressions on mobile increased by 78%
  • More than 70% of mobile marketers witnessed a rise in promotional efforts
  • Consumers spent one hour extra every day during the pandemic period
  • E-commerce sales in 2020 grew by 27.6% globally

Based on these statistics, it is clear that pandemic has changed the face of digital marketing strategy adopted by brands.

How is digital marketing re-conceptualized due to Pandemic?

As mentioned above, a range of businesses (offline and online) worked on increasing their market reach using the digital marketing techniques. For instance, music festivals turned into online live events, which pushed the usage of the internet into the next level.

Similarly, increase in Zoom calls, shopping discounts and other consumer related activities were heavily witnessed. Digital marketing platforms played a major role in making things happen. Digital marketing companies that offer all services under one roof witnessed how booming this industry is and it will have a new face post-lockdown period.

Post-pandemic, businesses will heavily invest in digital marketing services and campaigns focusing more on strengthening relations with consumers and keep building customer loyalty to generate long-term profit.

Businesses that are focusing more on digital marketing, need to be more aggressive now and work on different strategies. This article will present you with top effective digital marketing strategies to follow post-pandemic.

Post-pandemic digital marketing strategies:

·   Keep Focusing on your Existing Customers

Post-pandemic is a situation where customers may not be ready to invest in something new. In this case, if you are struggling to bring new customers aboard, it is better to focus on the existing ones who were still with you during the economic downturn. In addition to creating services and digital campaigns for targeting new customers, you will also need to issue refunds to clients who were paid for your service during the lockdown period.

This may affect your cashflow negatively, but the money which you refunded will come back to you tenfold once the economy is back on track.

For instance, Neil Patel offered his premium UberSuggest feature along with the free version. Although there was a downturn in his free trial signups, he did receive a good amount of appreciation.

·   Shift your Business Completely Online

During the pandemic period, the majority of the offline business turned online to reach out to the masses. This certainly defines how essential digital platforms are turning out to be. According to Scot Jones, CEO of 123InternetGroup, there has been a major spike in companies wanting to create websites and social media campaigns. Digital marketing companies have seen a massive growth in new clients approaching for ad campaigns.

There are some easy digital marketing tools that are worth using and give a solid result to promote the brand. So, start creating ad campaigns by focusing more on eCommerce trends and channels.

·    Investing on Facebook and Instagram Ads

As many people are spending more and more time online, the ROI of many brands has skyrocketed. So post-pandemic, invest more in Facebook and Instagram Ads that will help your audience to know you are still in the game.

Facebook and Instagram offer multiple business friendly features that make creating and promoting your ad to your target audience. You don’t have to spend fortune on creating ads. The more creatively ad is promoted, the more you will reach the target audience.

·    Keep Offering Deals and Discounts

One of the best ways to remain in the market is by offering freebies and discounts to your customers. This is also a good way to bring back your lost customers. Use creative digital marketing strategies to promote your deals. No matter what business you are in and how hard coronavirus has hit hard, deals and discounts work best. You can even offer membership deals for customers helping you to earn some money during the tough time.

·   Focus Majorly on Paid Advertising Channels

PPC was and will always be the right way to gather an audience. If you are still stuck in old Google Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads strategy, you need to rethink. You can find out where your audience is hanging out more and implement your PPC efforts more on those channels.

For instance, if you have a beauty business, focus more on Instagram. Similarly, if you have an addiction treatment business, focus on Google. If you have digital marketing or other such business, LinkedIn is the right platform.

·   Surviving is the key in the age of Pandemic

The after effects of pandemic are going to stay for long. Many countries still haven’t completely freed themselves from lockdown. So, brands who haven’t adopted the digital marketing strategy still have time to do it. One key advice here is to focus on your customers priorities as much as your business goals.


Keep practicing and implementing new digital marketing strategies that would be fruitful for your business in the long-term.

The best is to hire a reputed digital marketing company that can help your business to reach out to the audience and stay ahead in the competition.