How Fully Managed Hosting Services are beneficial for SMBs?


Fully managed hosting services are on a great demand, especially from small medium business owners. One of the reasons behind this is the increasing cost of buying and maintaining the server, and for a corporate is high. Moreover, maintaining servers will not only lead to higher cost, but also is time consuming and space exhaustive. As the business grows, you need to concentrate more on the other aspects and handover the job to hosting services.

Before we get into the benefits of utilizing fully managed hosting services, let us first understand what exactly it is and why businesses need them.

What are Managed Hosting Services?

Managed Hosting or the Managed IT hosting is a service model where the business rents managed hardware from a Managed Service Provider. In other terms, this service is also called as the managed dedicated hosting. The MSP leases a dedicated server, storage and network dedicated environment for a certain period of time, unless the owner wants to extend.

The business owner not only rents the hardware, but also pays for the same. In many cases, there are businesses that go for unmanaged hosting, just to rent the server from the provider and take complete responsibility of the service and maintenance task.

One of the benefits of using the complete managed hosting service is businesses don’t have the stress of managing the server. This helps owners to concentrate on the business and get value for the money, rather investing on the self-hosting. Furthermore, professional MSP guarantees complete support to clients by maintaining the server. Moreover, there is no fear of data breach or loss.

Reason to work with Professional Managed Hosting Provider

For a business, data and time are the most essential resources, which it cannot compromise. Network interruptions, data loss and server malfunctions can lead to a huge loss of time and money to the company. According to one survey, a downtime of servers if effecting North American businesses, a collective loss of $26.5 billion. The number is just from North America. If we calculate how much the companies globally are facing loss due to server downtime, the figure will be in trillions.

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This is why businesses are investing in these fully managed hosting services. A fully managed hosting service provider offers different packages which includes regular updates, constant monitoring, instant software installation, etc. Service providers also offer complete security updates at regular intervals to keep hackers at bay.

If you belong to the SMB entrepreneurs group and want to get the fully managed hosting service, then here are some of the benefits you should know.

Benefits of using Fully Managed Hosting Service

·        Backup and Disaster Recovery

One of the best benefits SMB entrepreneurs will earn with fully managed hosting service is you getting uninterrupted service along with backup of data. You don’t have to worry about the data and server issues, you just need to concentrate on your business, because they will take care of it. Redundant servers, network protection and automated backup solutions are some of the benefits that you will get and you don’t have to stress on it.

·        Ability to Scale

With fully managed hosting service, you will be able to scale your business to new heights. You don’t have to spend separately on installing servers, hiring and training employees for the same. You handover the job to the service provider, and you concentrate on your business. Skilled experts will provide you with the yearly costing for hardware maintenance, as per the configuration you have chosen.

·        Increased Security

Another major benefit of handing over the job to the fully managed hosting service provider is your data gets complete protection against cyber-attacks. Every data is backed up, information is encrypted and data is quarantined. Hackers have now become more tech oriented and use automation and AI to hack data. Hosting service providers have a complete data protection system to fight against such hacking issues. The managed hosting service will charge a bit high to get more protection for your data.

·        Complete Server Monitoring

Server monitoring is the most critical part of the organization, and it requires regular scanning to ensure there are no irregularities. System admins have to keep monitoring the server and identify potential failure. The managed hosting service provider has a dedicated team of experts who constantly monitor servers, guaranteeing uninterrupted servers. For an SMB entrepreneur, server monitoring isn’t feasible.

·        Lower Operating Costs

As mentioned above, server hosting requires dedicated team and space, which certainly increases the cost. Whether you are running a small or medium business, it is not feasible to host the server with space. This is why hiring a fully managed hosting service is smart work. Not only will you get the access to expertise, but also use the infrastructure. MSP offers server configuration, storage and networking support. Moreover, they ensure the complete maintenance of the operating system and applications. You can allot a separate budget for the MSP service.


Every business today looks for investing on data security and shared managed hosting. It is impossible to maintain a fully secure and management centre in-house. Managed dedicated hosting service makes it possible at the reasonable cost.