Contemporary Digital Marketing Techniques



Are you into a business and still clinging on to traditional digital marketing?  Are you wondering why your strategies are disappointing you?

If the answers to the above are yes, then let us take you through a plethora of digital marketing practices in the contemporary times practiced in the industry.  The need could be correlated by you as applicable to varied types of budgets and environment.

The suggestions will facilitate better results in case of promotion of your business online.

One should also be aware of the Factor Four model, in the modern era of digital marketing:  Digital Marketing through Mobile, Advantage- Early Mover, Digital Marketing through the concept of storytelling and fourthly, Technology.

Customers do love the experience when the above digital marketing modes are factored in.  It also enables a personalised digital campaign online and also enables you to know more about the tastes and preferences of the customers.


AI and Chatbots

It is worthwhile mentioning that a top international brand of beverage could attract more clientele by using Chatbots on its apps.

Digital Marketing AI and ChatbotsThe advatanges

  • Mobile first, better user experience, Fine-tuned to Mobile audience
  • Short time to develop and easy
  • Data base developed with real-time information about customers from the activity.


Customer service has gone more digital and interactive and real-time with Bots. Facebook Messenger and Slack are used to develop bots to take customer service to the next level in digital marketing.

Chatbots are bound to take over social media and dominate the digital marketing space.


Predictive Analytics & Big Data

An international banking arm used the internally created predictive analytics in analysing lakhs of customer transactions using more than a hundred variables.

Predictive analytics helps in determining various aspects with respect to a customer’s account, as in the case above, and also facilitates creation of campaigns which are customised and reduce the turnover rate for a business.

Predictive Analytics are increasingly being used in Travel and e-Commerce sectors to personalise for each visitor of the site. They require it moreso because of varying personal tastes and preferences of every visitor and user of the service.  And rightly so, the companies in the sectors use predictive analytics to personalize product recommendations to each and every site visitor by studying their behaviour and preferences.


Marketing Automation

Automation plus the predictive analytics makes anybody’s digital marketing campaigns a lethal one.

Segmentation is possible on the basis of demographics, behaviour and preferences.
and thereby enables creating a customised campaign.  Automation can be in the form of pre-set triggers and actions of customer.



Having known the above, would be wondering about the latest Digital Marketing tools for your business. Here are some of those which you can make use of:


It is an all-built-in cloud marketing software.  It helps one in doing storing, managing and segmenting all leads and create a campaign which is totally automated.

A single all contained dashboard enables one to monitor the digital marketing activities.



It is content hunt tool to find the contents which received the highest number of ‘share’.  It enables a business to hunt for the best suited content for a business, which is an essential for digital mass marketing.



It is a power video making tool for digital marketing which requires no prior high end knowledge of video making and editing.  It is also easy for a business to create videos which the viewers can appreciate and share.



It is a content publishing digital marketing tool which enables to publish contents in an interactive type like polls, personality tests, quiz and so on.


Google Trends

It is a tool with multi-purpose use that can be used for researching keywords, ‘newsjacking’ and monitoring of brands.  It can enable one to hack a trend and be a step ahead in the business.


Create thought provoking and at the same time an enteraining digital marketing content to make the right adequate noise through this tool.

Create the content that evolves into a story and connects with the consumers with the right noise and penetrate your brand in the minds of the people.  It should be experiential and also make the consumer to think and act on the lines of the story.

One of the worlds leading and much sought after mobile brand was able to create a magical number of viewership of its brand through this method.


Interactive Content Marketing

It includes creating digital online contests for the audience  and also tag their friends and relatives on social media platforms like FB and Twitter. It can create a high number of organic impressions and participations. It enables higher levels of engagement with a brand.



It is a bustling community platform wherein it solves problem an audience might face and enables build a follower base which ultimately leads you to business.



It is digital platform with 500 million strong network of professionals. It is an emerging busy platform for B2B and B2C digital marketing.  One can publish or re-publish content.  Your business can go viral by publishing the right content. The number of likes and shares I received on one of my posts was amazing.

It also allows you to follow outside your network and also use @mentions to tag influencers in the industry.

One can also organise and post interviews with customers, tag them to reach to larger community of audiences. It also allows one to post videos.



It has nearly 200 million daily active users.  It is the right platform to market to millennials and Gen Next.  This instant messaging app is quite popular for its stories feature, though copied by Instagram.

Sixty second snaps, custom geo filters and things to do with emojis are some of the popular features which can be made use of.
You can make your customer interact too.

 The need of the hour is Mobile focussed Digital Marketing efforts and reach.  Remember, India, especially, as a deep mobile and internet penetration with millions of users.  Moreover, Goolge has already announced that they will rank websites based on mobile versions.


Well you may ask how it affects your digital marketing efforts.  Here are some important points

  1. One has to ensure that the website loads in 3 seconds, on both desktop and mobile.
  2. In a country like India, where there is a deep mobile penetration across all demography, the video content is more likely to be watch on mobile by the vast target audience – a mobile first country A mobile audience is more akin to watching video content. So, creating videos can surely help you more in a mobile first world.
  3. Creating contents which are more specific to mobile device viewing thereby optimising your campaign.
  4. User location information can be put to maximum use for contextual campaigns
  5. Live streaming methods would create a deeper and faster relationship with mobile audience base.


 Like everything, this content has also a concluding part as below, for the present:

In this fast changing technological advancements and the way businesses are marketed, it is high time business look to the contemporary and futuristic digital marketing tools rather than relying solely on conventional marketing methods.

In the times of COVID 19 like pandemic which has almost washed out trillions of dollars of business and economy across the globe, online business strategies will help them to keep afloat.

The businesses, which adapt fast to contemporary digital marketing tools,  will be there first in the queue to provide in depth insights and unique tales to their target audiences.

Knowing your target audience better, using machine learning and AI, will get you benefits.

Stay, Compete, Conquer in the business for all time ahead.  Stay Safe, Stay Home, Switch to digital marketing straight away, pandemic or not, your revenues are to reach the levels to stay ahead of the competitors. .

Share your experiences and any trends, CodeTez Technologies would be happy to keep you ahead in the business, today and always.  Write to us