8 Top Trending Technologies in 2020 to watchout


When we talk about top trending technologies in 2020, we mean the best of the lot that would change the world in the near future. Technology, as it is to our knowledge already, plays a crucial role in our lives. The role played by technology is so vital that it is hard to imagine life without it. We humans are blessed and surrounded by a myriad of tech products. The presence of technology makes life easy. It saves our precious time, helps to stay connected and serves every vital purpose.

Technology is an important part of the business too. From the software development process to app development, in every business area, tech matters.  Although praises of technology cannot be summed up in one small paragraph. In this article, we wish to explore and understand the importance of technology that has evolved with the hard times. This article mainly focuses on tech evolution with the passage of time and the need for it in coming years

Why do we need to master certain technologies in 2020? 

As mentioned earlier that there is an urgent need to master technology in this hard-hit time. The reason for this is that the Pandemic has not only affected lives to a dire extent but also has affected the economy, resulting in a drastic change of the socio-economic scenario.

People are stuck in different places, unable to return to their places of business and their families. The new norm in such situation is to work from home, trying to restore the balance of the society, life and of the economy at large.

The technology that is new today can get obsolete tomorrow. For this reason alone, scientists and researchers keep on working on improving the standards of technology to cope up with the rapidly evolving pace of the world. The key to development and progress is to keep oneself updated with the newest technologies and keep learning.

Now we shall have look at the most critical and top trending technologies in 2020-

Table of Content

  • Blockchain Technologies
  • Virtual reality
  • 5G technology
  • Internet of Things
  • Big data
  • Data science
  • Cyber Security
  • Robotics and Automation


1.    Blockchain Technologies 

When we talk about top trending technologies in 2020, Blockchain technology is counted as one of the most effective in terms of finance. Blockchain is a decentralised platform of the transaction, wholly digitalised.

Perks of learning Blockchain Technology:

Although Blockchain technology subsists in many countries like Germany, Japan, China and others, it has still not found an effect in India. This is because of the narrow understanding of this technology prevails in regarding the Blockchain technology in India. People here are still comfortable cash exchange taking place physically whereas one of the remedies to resist the Pandemic is to avoid physical contacts of any sort.

Blockchain technology is the decentralised digital ledger, storing over thousands of transactions on computers all across the globe. This allows safe and anonymous transactions of digital currencies across borders without any legal or physical restrictions. However, due to the anonymous nature, some countries have strict regulations for carrying out transactions through this mode.

2.      Virtual reality

Again, in response to the Pandemic, our mobility has been restricted, and we are unable to experience many things like before, including classroom lectures, meetings, travelling etc. While the virtual reality sphere has still a lot to go to catch up with the intricacies of the real world, it is always a good respite for the people who are trapped indoors for months. It is certainly the top trending technologies in 2020.

Since there is an increasing chance of much more use of this technology to engage users from different sectors and different walks of life, like students, sports fans, opera or theatre-goers etc. it is very likely that there will be more jobs related to this field. Graphic designers, photographers and many other visual artists can contribute to this emerging field with little difficulty. Therefore, mastering this skill will be very useful in taking advantage of these opportunities in this sector.

3.      5G technology

Nations across the world are going to embrace this new technology. This will allow the fastest form of internet ever. However, the implementation of this technology will require extensive infrastructure to be developed. In addition, it will require skilled professionals to oversee and carry out the building of such infrastructure and smooth and seamless use of it by a large group of users.

Therefore, existing telecommunication technology professionals, both from technological and managerial positions in the sector, will be playing a significant role. But it will necessitate them to master this technology earlier than mass implementation. Policymakers and legal experts in the sector to put in place new standards will also have a major role.

4.      Internet of Things

Internet of Things is one of the top trending technologies in 2020 to look forward. With faster internet, we will be moving to a more connected world. That will happen by changing the way we envision most of the electronic appliances around us. This will include cars, electrical devices that will all be digitalised and automated to a significant extent. The manufacturing and installation, unlike before, will require much more than mechanical and electrical engineering knowledge, but will also need software and cloud computing and other skills. It will be necessary for engineers to master these skills to find future employment, and this seems like an opportune moment to learn before the significant demand for these jobs arrives.

5.      Big data

Big Data sector is intricately connected to the internet of things and is the top technologies in 2020. As more data will be generated from the operations of day-to-day appliances as well as our mobile computing devices, a large variety of data will be created.

In addition, companies mine these data and corporations manufactured the physical devices or are in control of the user interfaces like Amazon, Google etc. To handle and make sense of this data, the world will require more data scientists who are adept at data mining, visualizing, and making sense of this data. They will be used to provide better services to their customers and provide them with customized services.

6.      Data science

Data science is required to understand complex data. Business companies and companies, overall, produce a large quantity of data daily. The data consists of the company’s performance in the market place, the trends in the markets and customer response. Data science is a technology that is of utmost importance in corporate business sectors.

The huge number of data is continuously converted to analyse the trends and patterns of the company and most importantly, to track down financial figures. Data science has emerged to be an integral part of business management studies. Mastering this technology can get one the job of data architect and data engineering is esteemed business institutions.

7.      Cyber Security

Our presence on social media and the internet, in general, can be threatening without the endurance of cybersecurity. In previous years, many cases of cybercrimes had been reported. This is why cybersecurity is one of the top trending technologies in 2020 to look forward.

Although, cybersecurity is not at all a new technology to focus on it is surely evolving with passing years because the treats from malevolent hackers and perpetrators of illegal activities in the cyber world are turning tables. Hence, cybersecurity is a technology to be learnt at the earliest so that people can keep themselves safe on the internet.

8.      Robotics and Automation

After the Pandemic, it is very improbable for tightly packed production units to operate, whether it is agro-products or automobiles. Therefore, robotics and automation will gain a much more significant position in the manufacturing industries in the coming days and will replace many workers. In this light, learning to fix these sophisticated robots as well as producing these units will be a prospective vocation.


By listing down top trending technologies in 2020, we gave a clear picture. Hence, the technological sphere is ever-evolving, and these are some of the most important sectors in which job openings are going to open up. Mastering these skills in time will mean a lot for your career in the coming days.