8 Tips for improving user Experience using Mobile UX Designs

mobile UX designs

mobile UX designsMobile UX designs play an integral part in app development. There is nothing more convenient technology in this digital world than mobiles when it comes to mobile phones. When mobile phones are equipped with suitable applications to connect to the world, they become more manageable. An essential part of having any application in your phones is the necessity of user experience or UX. Brands when investing in mobile apps or website design, they look for more user-friendly mobile UX design. Therefore, a professional mobile app development company works essentially on the UX design.

Any application made for digital mobile phones got only one goal, reaching the target audience with their mobile UX designs, and if the apps are reaching half of their purpose, then it is a success. Apart from the functions and working of any application, the main needed fundamental is the UX design.

Why is it important for mobile users?

Many people ask about the difference between having the UX design for a certain product in marketing and the essentiality of that same thing in mobile phones. Both things are similar but differ on many grounds. User experience or UX is a critical aspect of the mobile app users, which makes up the initial and the most important part of the designing process in any application.

There are various reasons why our mobile phone applications or apps need to have a good UX design. The reason varies from different sectors and designers. , the main goal remains the same: helps to reach the target audience, helps in the creation of relevant and engaging content, and having seamless mobile UX designs not only saves time but also money for the creators.

When it comes to user experience, people need to know the basic tips to get through and create a super engaging content to help the application grow. Having a good UX design for your application makes traffic flow to your app more vivid, boosting the income.

Now, let us talk about the essential tips of being a UX designer; you have to keep in mind. We have some of the best eight tips to enhance the user experience.

Eight tips to improve mobile UX designs-


1.      Designing for the platform

Talking about iOS and Android mobile phones, these two operating systems are demanding and famous for creating a business application. Both iOS and Android operating systems indeed got different conventions and various standards, making them unique. But the basic thing remains the same, which are:

  • Having diverse sizes and resolutions.
  • Improving the look and feel of the UI components such as data selector, on/off buttons, checkbox, and more.
  • Where Android got a back button, in iOS, the button appears on the other side.

Before developing these systems, the main thing to remember is to understand the iOS human interface guidelines and Android designs and be aware of the platforms.

2.      Get the On-boarding process right

It is one of the crucial parts of appealing mobile UX designs. The on-boarding process is a step that mainly introduces users to a new product, feature, or app. The users get to have detailed guidelines and introduction to the product or app to make a demanding initial preference through this.

Using the process, the designer should shorten the time value, with fast activation, and a suitable guide for swift access to the information is making it visually enchanting. It is an important step and the primary factor in upgrading your app and user experience from beginner to advanced.

If you are looking for inspirations from some of the examples of different apps, you can refer to Slack, Duolingo, or even Grammarly.

3. Fastest reach to the goals of the users

It is a fast-changing world, and people are in a hurry than to settle down and take time. When you can save anything, even time, it turns out to be best for your app, enhancing the maximum user experience.

In other words, the faster the running of the application becomes, the more people will love and appreciate it. Having mobile phone apps gives us a plethora of data that should be accessible faster, making the app useful and favourite.

4. Shorten the forms and make use of the touch controls

To be honest, nobody likes going through a lengthy chat, and that is why having lengthy forms can be a drawback for the application if your lead generation got offers, so there is no need to have forms for the mobile users.

People with phone wants quick and easy access to the applications, and having the long formats might slow them down. Also, make sure that the apps’ forms are reactive and functional for a better experience.

5. Rely on quick feedback

When it comes to change and development, reviews play an essential part in activating the needed damages and problems your application might have. People tend to review apps on various downloading platforms, also write complaints about the app and its features.

Therefore, having a feedback option in your application for a direct or indirect review will help gain user trust and improve the application.

6. Embed a conversational marketing system

It is quite important to have a live chat feature or any conversational feature on an easy usage. It helps the application users get easier access to the answers from the team of the application developer to clarify their queries.

Even if you are going for a chatbot system for your app, makes sure that the conversation and answering are quite polite and sweet, as nobody would listen to a cranky frustrated voice.

7. Create a navigation bar for the app better

The navigation bar in any app is considered the quickest access for the users to contact the design directly. That is why, while developing your program, make sure you got this part right. In case users are in a panic situation and need to access the navigation tool, but they fail to do so, it will imply the app’s flawed programming. A good navigation system helps in understanding the depth of the designing patterns more clearly.

8. Enhance the design with colors

Being a user experience designer, one should know the necessity and need for having the right sense of color combinations. It is clear to everyone that color plays a definite role in attracting users towards a particular app or product. That is why the blend of the right color is essential for any mobile application. The right color and texture of the app draw the users’ attention, influencing their purchasing decision.


Before getting all soaked up in mobile UX design details, it is pivotal to learn and understand the necessities. However, it got the capacity to influence the user experience’s high flow is the entire application’s skeleton. Mainly, the focus should be on creating a clean and clear design without any complications. Having a clear picture of the goal and work helps save time doing that unwanted extra work. Make sure you know what is best before creating the rest.

When it comes to mobile UX designs, it is best to connect with the reputed mobile app development company for the seamless result.