7 Holiday Email Marketing tips to Boost Sales

Holiday email marketing

Holiday email marketing is the most effective way of boosting your sales. No matter what digital marketing strategies you implement or new trends come in, email marketing continues to stay at the top to gain ROI. Email marketing tactics work best during the holiday season. Since the holiday season is already here, like the Christmas period, it is the right time for a small and big travel company to promote business and boost sales.

Holiday email marketing
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Although the scare of coronavirus is still there, countries have opened up slowly, and travelers are visiting new places. Therefore, this is the right time how travel companies to implement email marketing tactics to boost sales. If you cannot perform this action, the best is to hire an email marketing company. A digital marketing agency in Chennai, India, would perform reliable email marketing tactics to boost sales.

During the holiday season, it is not easy to voice their service to be heard. So handing over the job to a digital marketing agency would create tactics that create engaging and lucrative email campaigns that can derive traffic and boost sales.

If you are new to this email marketing, not sure about the competition or to compete with the competitor for boosting your travel sales,

Seven-holiday email marketing tips or strategies to implement:

1.   Segmenting your List

One of the best ways to create impact through email marketing and boost sales is to segment your list and send it to the target audience. During the holiday season, inboxes are anyways are, so there is no point in sending emails to such an audience. So it becomes vital to segment your email lists, helping you send emails to the targeted audience, from who can get traffic to your website and business. Segmenting the mail as per the geographic, shopping behavior, and other aspects will help your ROI.

2.   Curate Holiday-Themed emails

One of the best ways to grab the attention of viewers is to play with the email theme. If your travel-marketing theme looks the same throughout the year, then your subscribers will not look into it. Try experimenting with themes that are designed for websites, emails, and social media platforms. Download the free HTML email templates for various holidays and customize it. For instance, if you send Christmas holiday trip mail to your customers, check out some of the Christmas email themes available online.

Email marketing service offered by the reputed digital marketing company works on developing quality emails that will meet your customer’s requirement.

3.   Run Pre-Holiday Testing

It is better to run pre-holiday testing of mails to ensure nothing goes wrong. Some of the testing opportunities you can try are-

Subject Line– Short vs. Long, personalized vs. generic, offer vs. no offer. Also, check on the test triggers like cart/browse. These behavioural messages will see a spike in the volume with increased traffic.

Timing/Logic for Trigger and series: Test the timing between follow-ups and how many touches are included.

4.   Scrutinize your Promotional Strategy

With steep discounts and holiday, messaging is spanning for 8 weeks, the best is to mix up promos and content so you can engage your audience. Be it the Black Friday, Christmas, or Halloween, your offers should be amazing, and so your target audience will click on your mail to read more. 

5.   Use of Urgency or Scarcity Marketing Strategies

Every other online retail store owner uses the phrases like “Last Chance’ and “Only a few left” during the sale season. You can use the same for your travel promotional strategy to mention about last few days remaining to book the package and other such phrases. Include elements like countdown begins or add trigger words to the subject lines of your emails.

Using such trigger words can induce customers to click and use the holiday season package to benefit them monetarily. 

6.   Optimize your email for mobile

More than 53% of emails are open on mobile devices. Moreover, people use apps to book their travel journey. So optimize your mail body according to the mobile users. Use responsive email template designs and optimize images for mobile usage purposes. There are mobile email marketing themes to choose from and implement. 

7.   Always proofread your emails

One of the traits of email marketing is to proofread before sending it to your customers. A small error in package, description, and theme can cost your marketing campaign. Make sure the content or edit team does a proper proofread before hitting the send button. 

Hiring the Best Email Marketing Agency

If you want to make your holiday season mail successful, then the best to hire a reputed email marketing company in Chennai, India. A reputable company would perform all the activities that will make your email marketing campaign a success. Using of right tools, words, and themes to grab attention and other such aspects will bring a good service during the holiday season