6 Common Myths of starting a Shopify eCommerce Store


Shopify eCommerce Store is the biggest saviour for new eRetail owners. There are many online store building platform, but every platform come with limitations. The world has adopted changes that happened through the digital world. Since every business today has adopted the digital world; eCommerce has been the major player in the boom. Businesses that run an eCommerce store, have witnessed how customers have adopted the change. In the age of the smartphone, people have become smart, and rather wasting time outside, they prefer shopping online.

Shopify eCommerce storeThere are many online stores where customers have options to shop. However, not every entrepreneur will be able to spend enough on creating the online store and manage things. This is why Shopify has come to the role. Presently, there are more than 1 million store owners on Shopify, and the platform keeps on updating regularly.

Why Shopify?

Shopify offers a great platform with features for store owners for announcement and advertising. These banners are capable to attract the attention of users and induce them to buy the product. Like these, there are many more reasons why Shopify is a great platform to open an eCommerce store.

However, there are many myths people carry along about Shopify. We have listed down six such myths of Shopify store.

Myth 1- It is difficult to set-up the Shopify Store Manually

To be honest, setting up the eCommerce store is quite a difficult task because you need to be perfect in all areas. However, not everyone is a technical geek or is unable to spend time multiple things. With Shopify store, you get everything on your plate. There is not much difficulty to start your online store. In fact, there are many tutorials available online that can help in building your store.

Myth 2- Ecommerce store is not safe

If this were the reality, then there would not have been so many top eCommerce stores earning in billions. Yes, security is a major issue, and you may end up facing the problem. This is where Shopify comes to the role, where your online store is robust with security. Plugins and other features are highly secured making your store safe to do conduct business.

Myth 3- Have less options to choose

Shopify eCommerce store is widely known for offering a number of options to choose and implement for the store. There are many plugins available for both free and paid. One such is the Shopify create banners, helping to design and attract customers towards the purchase. In the eCommerce store, until and unless you do not market or advertise your product, customers will not be able to know. With ad banners, you can promote your product or service. Like these, there are many more options to choose and use.

Myth 4- My SEO process will suffer due to Shopify

SEO is the most important part of the eCommerce helping to boost the traffic. However, many stores do not offer SEO, which can be a loss for the eCommerce store owner. Using Shopify will get you SEO plugins, which will help your store to receive good traffic. It includes user-friendly site architecture, sitemap, tags, and many more. Moreover, these plugins will help your store to have a faster loading page, which is very important to make your site have good traffic. If you do not carry any SEO knowledge, the best you can do is hire an SEO agency that would do the job for you.  Professional SEO agency will offer a complete solution and help your online store to reach out to the maximum audience.

Myth 5: Shopify Store app is Expensive

No! The Shopify app is not expensive. You can use the Lite Plan, which is below $13 per month. However, with this plan, you will not get any online store. However, with this, you can create the social media shop of your business. Having social media, the account is important. If you are looking for the best deal then paying $29 per month is feasible which comes with a host of features including. This plan, however, does not include the domain name. If you are opening up a new eCommerce store, then investing on this deal will really work. Imagine you have hired a website builder where you will be spending more than $2000. You can use this money to build and market your site. Shopify is cheap and you get the best deal when you look for affordable service.

Myth 6- Shopify is Competitive

There is no such business is the world where you will not face any competition. The same is with the Shopify. However, the platform has made it easier to build the amazing eStore where even though there is a competition, you will still be ahead.

However, you need to be very accurate and plan strategies on how you can stay ahead in the business competition. Check online, where you will find many ways of building your Shopify eCommerce store. The best you can do is hire a professional Shopify web development company, who will help in getting the best deal.


Starting a Shopify eCommerce store is easy, but running it successfully is quite competitive. If you are new into this, the best you can do is hire a web development agency that has worked on building Shopify website and assist you in all sense.

You need to keep experimenting and see how things pay off. This will help you in the long-term to run your Shopify eCommerce store successful.