3 Vital Tools helping to build an Effective B2B Marketing Sales Funnel


If you are running a B2B business and finding it hard to manage in getting lead, then you are not alone. Every business faces some or the other problems, and one of the major issues faced is getting leads. One of the reasons behind this is having lack of idea about B2B marketing sales funnel.

B2B_MarketingChallenges B2B Business facing

As the web-based marketing is growing, there are challenges and opportunities coming to the B2B businesses. This challenge has further increased thanks to the pandemic which has disrupted the global economy. Business marketing experts have realized it and started monetizing their personal brands by providing services.

So the question arises, how do you generate sales and convert leads in this ever changing marketing nature.

Let us check some essential tools that can help in building B2B Marketing Sales Funnel:

  1. Diversifying Lead Generation Methods

If you are noticing your old lead generation is losing its efficiency, then you are not alone. If years ago, a simple contact form on your service page was enough get getting link, these days’ web users will develop web form blindness. For a web owner it is quite difficult to convince visitors in sharing email and agreeing to contact. If you too are facing the same, then here are few ways:

  • Chatbots:

AI enabled chatbots are on rise and every other sites are using to connect with visitors. By replying to queries and sending relevant links, chatbots will be always helpful. This is certainly the best way for B2B marketing funnel.

  • Appointment Scheduling Software:

There are some leads which don’t need to turn leads. You can shorten their buying journey by offering them right away what they are looking for. One way you can do is by Appoitfix, one of the affordable tools that can allow you to create on-page CTAs lets your site users to schedule an appointment.

  • AI-Powered Surveys:

People love taking surveys, and is one of the most effective ways to create market funnel. In the advanced business era, implementing AI-facilitated online surveys helps in converting site users into leads effectively.

  • Visitor Identification Software:

Finally, not all site users will entrust you with the contact information. However, they will still end up becoming a lead. You can still get hold of them using visitor identification software. These tools collect your site logs

  1. Collect and Nurture Leads Automatically

The sales process consists of hundred of micro-tasks performed by dozens of sales people. It is quite nightmare to manage effectively. Exceed.ai is the best innovation tool you can use. The tool uses AI to engage your leads in personalized and contextual two-way conversations. It is completely based on CRM data and recent actions.

When the sales marketing expert give up or simply overlooking things, the tool picks up the thing and engages with leads. One the AI assistant qualified the lead for the sales call; it schedules the call with relevant rep.

  1. Optimize your Sales Funnel

Conversion optimization is the process which keeps going. You keep on optimizing your website page and your flow to achieve better results. During this period, A/B testing and adjusting comes to the role. There are multiple tools like the Finteza, a web analytics solution that helps sales funnel to monitor and A/B testing doable.


With companies permanently switching to remote working position, B2B sector is on a rapid growth. This is the right time for offering services like the SaaS project by using the mentioned tools. You can even connect with the digital marketing company that uses effective tools to increase the B2B marketing funnel. The ultimate aim is to gain more visitors and sales.